How To Wear Body Cameras

How to Use

After watching a James Bond movie, we were all impressed about the great number of cool gadgets he had. One of this equipment was the body camera, which nowadays became more and more available for everybody. Basically, it is a tiny camera hidden on your body from which you can film your surroundings without anyone noticing it. They are not only unrecognizable but regardless of your accessories (watches, necklaces) it can be put everywhere. Not to mention, that you are able to control the device of your own. You do not have to do anything else than move your head in the right direction and the result will be a secret film.

Even tough, using a body camera sounds the simplest thing in the world, you can still attract others people’s attention if you not behave naturally. Let’s be honest it is one the hardest job one can imagine because even unconsciously we can be seen scared or troubled, if not trained as a undercover officer or agent – and most of us are not. It is of course a natural behaviour because we are tend to think that other might suspect that there is something going on. It is true that hidden cameras are invisible even for a person who is standing right next to you, but your strange behaviour can be the cause of getting caught.

Remain as natural as possible

Wearing a body camera means you should always be in control of yourself. You should avoid attracting unwanted attention, to do so you must remain as natural as possible. It means not to always check the camera, so not to touch or observe your body every second. It might seem obvious but under pressure we can act suspiciously without noticing it.

The other essential point you should pay attention of is the way you dress. If you know you are going to a trip, then do not wear tie or suit because it immediately will be a strange thing to the others. It might seem odd but choosing to put on sunglasses in a rainy day is also unnatural. Wearing a body camera does not mean that you must wear a tie or a sunglass type of hidden body cam.

Under pressure, most of us start to sweat. To avoid others to see that you are covered in wet, you should choose black shirts because it is harder to see the sweat on a dark colour. It is advisable to always dress according to the weather conditions, just as you would normally do.

It is also important to act confidently. If you are wearing a hidden camera you should pretend that there is nothing going on. If you are not sure that you are capable of doing that, try to practice it at home. At first make a trial with your family since they know you the best. If they are not suspecting anything than you are doing a great job.

Finally, getting away with a body camera eventually is not that hard. You only should do the right preparations. If it is your first time trying it, you might find useful to wear it every day until even you forgot about the tiny equipment. It helps you to act naturally and not to be remarkably nervous.

If you try to consider these points, you are going to be as professional in concealing a body camera as James Bond.

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