Tips for Perfectly Positioning Your Spy Camera

How to Use

If you are using a spy camera for the first time it may be difficult for you to capture the correct footage. Without correct knowledge and preparation you might end up with a clip in which people’s face is not clear or the light is dim or the footage is with very low sound. Here we present you 6 important tips that you should know to get clear, optimal quality footage with the camera.

Practice before recording

Test your camera in the surrounding in which you will use it to make sure that the footage comes out correct. Try practicing at different hours of the day to see the lights and also make few changes in the angle to get the correct filming.

Ensure clear field of view

While trying to hide the camera as well as possible, make sure that lens is not hidden behind anything. It needs to have clear field of view to the room monitored. You should test also different angles and heights when consider the best place for clear field of vies. generally ceiling is a good place, and there for example smoke alarm could be perfect place for hidden spy cam.

Get a motion activated camera

How long a camera’s battery lasts and what is the memory storage of the camera are the things that most people fail to consider while buying a spy camera. Generally it is better to have too much of memory and battery life than too little. Buying camera with motion activation option is a good choice as motion activation technology will save memory as camera records only when it detects movements, and it also saves battery. If you need continuously monitoring or camera should be able to work long time without recharging battery, you should consider buying wired model, which takes power from AC outlet instead of internal battery. However, also in that case choosing a motion activated spy camera is very wise decision as it saves memory, and time as you do not need to watch recording where happens nothing.

Placing the camera correctly

There are three things you should keep in mind while placing the spy camera. First is placing the camera at an angle where you don’t get to see just the head but the whole face. Placing it too high or too low won’t give you correct footage. A head height camera can be very suspicious. You can try to hide the camera in things like clock, lamp or a vase etc. You should also read the best and worst places conceal spy camera.

Test different lightning conditions

You should place the camera at a distance where there is no too much of natural light, and do not place camera lens towards window as natural light from the window cloud obscure whole view. Be aware also shadows that can obscure video or still photos. You should test the camera on different lighting conditions. How it records at day light, and how it does with only artificial lights on?

What are your needs vs image quality

While selecting your spy camera you may forget image quality / resolution. If you want just watch on house maid, and see people who are in the room you don’t need the best quality. However, if you want still images of documents or need to see what is going on PC screen, you need high resolution spy camera. The only way to get the right footage is to test and keep testing before real action.

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