How To Stop Your Ex From Spying On You

Counter Surveillance

While in an ideal world, a split from a partner would always end without conflict and deep disagreements, and you’d both be able to proceed onward with your lives, this doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately, separating couples can frequently get themselves entangled in severe battles over property, money, custody and other separation terms. Things can escalate rapidly, and can even result in a situation where one party keeps an eye on the other to gather proof to aid their prospects in the separation case, or even worse ex could spy on you and try gather information that can be used to harm you.

You may have concluded that you will never resort to such behavior, yet can you be sure that your ex-won’t? If the idea has ever entered your head that your former life partner could be utilizing technology to take videos, photos, record audio or even track your movements, then it might be time to rethink this. Feeling that someone is spying on you can cause you feel paranoid.

Have you a good reason to suspect you’re being spied on?

It is not easy to escape the feeling that someone is listening your phone conversations or spying your PC, and paranoia is in no way a healthy state of the psyche. However, sometimes, you may have good reason to be suspicious. For example, when a snippet of information is utilized by your former partner’s solicitors in your separation case that they have no privilege or reason to know, for example, something you mentioned on the phone to a companion or within a private email. The information may even relate to your location at a given day and time, which nobody who hasn’t watched out for your developments would know.

Fight back with counter-surveillance technology

The good news is that there are ways you can also utilize technology to fight back, in what is known as counter surveillance. Regardless of the possibility that you utilize this technology and find absolutely nothing to confirm your suspicions, at most exceedingly terrible you’ll feel somewhat senseless for being so paranoid and at best you’ll be able to rest more soundly during the evening. There are a lot of basic, however powerful gadgets you can use to scan and clear your home, workplace and even your car to ensure that no recording, spying, or tracking bugs are being utilized.

Home and workplace checking for bugs

The principal thing to do if you suspect your ex is keeping an eye on you is to make a rundown of all the places where this could be happening, starting with your home and your workplace. Your home is the doubtless option, so start.

  • Check if any articles have been moved (marks made in tidy is a good indicator)
  • Search for small gaps in walls or furniture you’re searching for little round pinholes where a focal point could peep through
  • Turn off all the lights and check with a flashlight whether you can see a reflection or glare on the focal point of the camera somewhere.
  • Search for a recording light (most spy cameras won’t have this for clear reasons, but some that aren’t intended to be concealed might have visible leds on when recording)

These are all manual ways you can check for clear indications of surveillance, and you should not overlook them.

Use bug detector to find spy devices

In addition to “manual actions”, you should consider buying a bug detector. It is the only way way to be sure that your home, car, and workplace is clear of spy gear.

However, there are all kind of counter surveillance devices, especially bug detectors for sale. You should choose it carefully and get one that exceeds expectations especially what comes to frequency range and sensitivity.The most basic models are “toys”, which in real life does not find anything. More advanced models works, and detect bugs, and those can be used to locate any spy device that is transmitting.

Bug detectors work because of all wireless cameras, recording and listening devices will transmit information some way or another using common frequencies. Wireless bugs are the most commonly used as it is easy to gather the information for the person who put the hidden spy device there. He or she can access video or audio content being hundreds of meters away or even over internet or cell phone networks.

A good bug detector can detect transmission on frequencies spying devices use, and point you right in the direction of the transmitter location, so you can find the bug. Bug detectors are quite easy to use, basically you need turn it on, adjust sensitivity and walk around rooms with it. The detector will indicate if there is something suspicious nearby. Many times there is audio tone and signal strength meter that will show you the right director where the signal source is. Of course you should read, and follow operation instructions supplied with it.

It is more improbable that your workplace will have been bugged because of security frameworks and a large number of individuals around, yet it could at present be worth taking a check out your work area anyway. A bug detector may not be helpful in this instance, be that as it may, as there are probably going to be bunches of transmitting gadgets around (i.e. your colleague’s phones and PCs).

Could your car be bugged?

As well as checking your home and workplace, its also a good idea to utilize your bug detector to scan your car. GPS trackers radiate signals too, and these can be distinguished by bug detectors.. You should also inspect inside and underneath your car for any suspicious-looking small boxes, or even harmless appearing objects like torches which have discovered their way into your boot, and could be concealing trackers or recorders. So, next time you will find brand new flashlight dropped new to your car door, consider before picking it up, and placing it on your car. BTW. That´s one of the most used trick to get wireless bugging or tracking device “installed” on a car.

Securing your smartphone and laptop

Last but not least important thing is to check your personal gadgets, such as phone for bugs. The primary thing to do is to watch that no spyware software or different malicious apps are already installed. You can do this by utilizing malware detection software or just by checking that there are not installed any programs or any applications running at the background that shouldn’t be.

Find out what kind of spy gear is available

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with spy gear, and maybe buy one? A camera pen or a recording device disguised as a button or a phone is an ideal backup for those situations where someone is doing something regularly that “no one else is going to believe” – your boss, or even a spouse or family member.

The technology that exists in modern spy equipment is as slick and responsive as the technology we’re all used to in our mobile phones, our digital cameras, and our multimedia devices. You can buy HD digital cameras with hours of recording time, perfectly disguised as (working) pens or cigarette lighters. There’s even one that looks like an alarm fob for your car keys.

Spy gadgets like this can provide the evidence you need to convince others that your situation is for real. Whether that’s a simple claim that it’s not you stealing biscuits from the coffee tin, or something altogether more serious – having the technology at your disposal means you can back up your statements. Furthermore, knowing what kind of spy gadgets there are available, will help you detect them!

Anyway, once you’ve carried out all of these counter surveillance tasks, you can be reasonably confident that your home, workplace, car and gadgets are bug-free, and you can move on leaving all unpleasantness with your ex behind.

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