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  • Stealth design.
  • Long battery-life.
  • Motion-detection and non-stop recording


  • Not waterproof


The Fab-Quality Spy Camera Pen is a compactly-designed, easy-to-use multi-functional surveillance device that combines stealth with a compact pen design to provide high-quality video recording.

This is a high-quality spy pen that features a well-concealed, high-definition spy camera that has been conveniently positioned inside an executive pen. It is made by Fab-Quality. Its design allows the spy camera to have a maximum field of view, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. This spy pen affords unique benefits to its users, but it also has one key demerit as listed below. This understanding allows for a verdict (fair opinion) to be determined. Thereafter, an elaborate review of Spy Camera Pen is done.


  • Stealth design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Long battery-life.
  • Support both motion-detection and non-stop recording modes.


  • It is not waterproof.

Overview of Features

Fab-Quality Spy Camera Pen is an easy-to-use plug-and-play multi-functional surveillance device that is compatible with most computer operating systems. It can record video footages and then store them in the memory storage, with its playback feature allowing the user to review the footages at a later time. It comes with a USB cable that allows it to be connected the the USB port of any PC.

This spy pen measures 7.1 inches in length. It features an ordinary pen design with both the surveillance equipment and executive pen being housed in a cylindrical casing. This casing tapers towards the bottom sections, and the pen tip protrudes from its bottom-most part. Its top-part features a pen handle which allows the user to place it in the shirt. Immediately above the point where the handle is attached to the cylindrical casing is a small video camera. Because the section above the pen handle do not go into the shirt pocket, it allows the video camera to have a maximum first-person-view of the surroundings where the wearer visits.

Fab-Quality adheres to the simple-is-best design philosophy, and this has allowed them to build a minimalist spy device that contains only the essential components and features. This allows the spy pen to maintain a lightweight compact-design which makes it virtually indistinguishable from ordinary executive pens, and this gives it a stealth quality. Also, it helps to keep down the cost as the user only pays for a working executive pen and an inbuilt surveillance tool.

The need for a compact design has ensured that the pen is assembled to integrate a USB pendrive and memory card slot. Its memory slot can support a MicroSD card of upto 16GB capacity. When required, the pen is opened up and its USB device connected to a computer, or the memory card can be retrieved.

The multi-functional video camera can record high-definition (HD) video footage. For instance, it can record 1280x720p footages at a frame rate of 30fps. This high-resolution makes it a true HD video recorder as it provides crystal-clear video footages. The camera is also capable of taking 8MP photo stills. In adherence to their simple design philosophy, Fab-Quality has fitted an easy-to-access and easy-to-use click switch which is used to turn the video camera on and off.

This spy camera pen is powered by an inbuilt 220mAh rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery. Because of low power consumption, due to incorporation of only the most essential gadgets, one can record video footages non-stop for a day without the battery running out of power.

This surveillance device can records in either of two modes; the continuous (non-stop) mode, or the motion-detection mode. The recorded footages also feature a date-time stamps.

Whom does this hidden spy cam pen suit?

This spy camera pen is suitable for anyone who wants to record what is happening around him or her.

How it Camera Pen Works

The user places the pen inside the shirt pocket. Once inside, the part above the handle will protrude outside. At this moment, the user needs to point the camera away from the body. Once this is done, the camera function only needs to be switched on, and it will start recording.

Price-Benefit Assessment

This camera spy pen retails at very reasonable price. If this price tag is weighed against the many features provided by this surveillance, then it is obvious that the price-to-quality ratio is much to the advantage of the user. Likewise, it affords the use the services of an executive pen. Therefore, it offers exceptional benefits at a very low price.

What Customers Say

In the market, this pen has been praised for its high degree of customer satisfaction. This is according to a review of its online sales portal in Amazon.com, which shows that customers hold this product in high esteem. Most customers praise it for its feature-rich stealth design, while others praise as the most affordable device in its product niche. Still, others praise it for its incorporation of both a non-stop and motion-detection recording modes.


FabQuality offers a one-month warranty for camera spy pen. However, this guarantee is predicated on the customer purchasing the spy pen from an authorized trader.

Final recommendation

Fab-Quality Spy Camera Pen is a plug-and-play, multi-functional surveillance device that features a stealth design and supports non-stop video recording. If you need a stealth and reliable camera spy pen, you should consider the Fab-Quality HD Camera Spy Pen.

SpyGearExperts.com gives four starts for this excellent hidden spy camera pen. It is perfect for discreet recording.

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