AES Spy Camera Alarm Clock Radio Review

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4/5 on February 25, 2017

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  • Easy to use plug-and-play
  • Impenetrable to hackers.
  • Auto-recycle / overwrite.



  • No Wi-Fi.
  • Max storage capacity 32GB.



The AES ACRHD spy-camera is a well-designed, secure spy gadget whose spy device is well-concealed inside a working alarm clock.

AES ACRHD nanny camera is a well-disguised spy gadget capable of capturing high-definition video records. It is built into a fully-functional alarm clock. The product model code is ACRHD. This spy camera films and records events as they occur in real-time, and the resultant video records do provide owners with tangible evidence of what happened in their absence.

This gadget offers unique advantages, as well as two key disadvantages which are stated below. These advantages are weighed against disadvantages and a verdict made. Afterwards, an elaborate review of AES ACRHD Spy Camera in Alarm Clock Radio.


  • Easy to use plug-and-play device.
  • Impenetrable to online hackers.
  • Well-concealed.
  • Working alarm clock.
  • Well-designed.
  • Good price-quality ratio.
  • Has an auto-recycle functionality.


  • Does not support Wi-Fi.
  • Storage capacity limited to 32GB.
  • Image quality not the best at low light conditions

Overview of Features

The AES ACRHD spy-camera is an American-made spy gadget that is built to resemble a radio. This compact radio-like design not only improves its aesthetics, but it also makes it look as innocuous as possible. It measures 6.4 inches in length, 5.4 inches wide, and 2 inches tall. It weighs about 12.8 pounds. Its shipping weight is about 13 pounds as it includes accessories shipped alongside the spy-gadget. These accessories include an instruction booklet, TV-out cable, and remote controller.

spy cam alarm clock radioThe front panel features a digital time display of time; and as an alarm clock, this spy gadget does display the set alarm time. It functions as a full alarm clock and can be used as such. This feature allow users to easily fit it for example into the bedroom of their kids without arousing the suspicion of their nannies. It is therefore evident that the spy gadget is well-designed for its spying purpose.

This gadget can record 720P (720 pixels) videos, and also allows for videos to be played back at 1280×720 resolution at 30fps (frames per second). Normally, 720P videos are rated as high-definition (HD) videos. It can record videos in either of two modes; the Motion Recording or Continuous Recording modes. In motion recording mode, each video clip lasts one minute; while in the continuous recording mode, each clip lasts up-to 15 minutes. The auto-recycle function allows for continuous recording while the motion-detect function allows for motion recording. The viewing angle is 70 degrees.

These recorded videos are stamped with the date and time when they occurred, and this allows for easy reconstruction of events as they occurred in their natural settings. This simplifies the process of evidence collection. The HD videos are recorded and stored in a memory card.

This spy camera comes with a 16GB MicroSD card already fitted. This allows the owner to start using the device without installing any external MicroSD card. Every 30 minutes of recorded video consumes 1GB of memory storage. Cognizant of the fact that a memory capacity of 16GB could not be enough for some people, the manufacturers designed the camera to support a maximum memory capacity of 32GB. However, because there is only a single memory card slot, the user needs to remove the 16GB memory card and replace it with a 32GB memory card. This memory slot is placed inside the battery compartment so as to allow the owner to retrieve or change the memory card without arousing suspicion.

This gadget does not support Wi-Fi, and this offers a unique benefit as well as one key disadvantage. The key disadvantage is that the user is limited to a maximum memory storage of 32GB, as the camera cannot transfer real-time recorded data over Wi-Fi networks into a much larger WiFi-enabled storage device. Even so, lack of Wi-Fi support means that the gadget cannot be hacked using online means as it is not connected to the internet. Internet connected spy gadget are vulnerable to online hacking, and the hacker can hijack such devices or manipulate stored, change recording settings, or simply shut down the camera. This spy camera can not be manipulated through online hacking, and thus can be described as a secure spy gadget.

This spy gadget is compatible with popular computer operating systems including Mac OSX, Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Who is it Suitable for?

AES ACRHD spy-camera is suitable for people whose toddlers are being taken care of by nannies. Also, people without children can tweak it and use it to record the going-ons in their houses. Of course it could be used to watch also what is going on your own bedroom, or any other room while you are away.

How Alarm Clock Spy Cam Works

This gadget incorporates a spy camera inside a working alarm clock. The spy device does not interfere with the alarm functions, and therefore the alarm will go off as set. However, the device needs to be placed at a convenient location where the camera has a maximum view of room so that it can record as much going-ons as possible. When the user needs to review the recorded video, he or she simply removes the MicroSD card from the gadget and then inserts the card into a compatible computer and thereafter watches the recordings.

Price-Benefit Analysis

The average retail cost of AES ACRHD spy-camera is USD150. This is a relatively low price if the price tag is compared to the functionalities and features incorporated into the device. Therefore, its cost-to-quality ratio favors the consumer.

What Customers Say

This spy-gadget was favorably received in the market. Most customers praise its well-concealed spy camera feature, and superb radio-like design that makes it fit in with other households goods. Other praise it for its secure storage that is immune to online hacking.


The manufacturer offers a 12-months warranty for AES ACRHD spy-camera so long the product is purchased from authorized traders.


The AES ACRHD spy-camera is a well-designed, affordable, secure, and high-quality spy gadget whose spy device is well-concealed inside a working alarm clock, and can capture high-definition video recordings.

We are giving four stars for this spy camera. It has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but generally it is very suitable for covert recordings, especially in bedroom, as it really looks like and functions just like an ordinary alarm clock radio. No one is going to suspect that it also records video.

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