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  • Night Vision
  • Voice Activated Recording


  • Short battery life


Conbrov Mini-Spy Body Camera is a lightweight, high-quality, and high-performance standalone surveillance camera that features a stealth design and automatic voice activation.

Conbrov Mini-Spy Body Camera is a lightweight, high-quality standalone surveillance camera designed to maximize stealth while retaining a large field-of-view angle As a stealth body camera, it features a compact design that allows it to be fitted inside any clothing. This surveillance device offers unique benefits but it also suffers from two key shortcomings both of which are listed below. Comparing the benefits versus the shortfalls allows for a fair verdict. Thereafter follows a review of Conbrov Mini Spy Hidden Body Camera.


  • Provides clear night vision.
  • Designed for stealth.
  • Features voice-activation mode.


  • Does not come with any microSD card.
  • Relatively short battery-life.

Overview of Conbrov DV12 HD 720P Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Conbrov Mini-Spy is a compactly-designed body cam that combines good aesthetics with small size. It can fit into any pocket, and this makes it an easy to carry tool. Likewise, its control buttons are conveniently positioned for easy-accessibility and use.

This personal surveillance camera features a pocket radio design. It is 2.2 inches long, 0.9 inches wide, and 0.8 inches thick. It weighs only 4.2 ounces which conveniences the wearer as it neither tires the body, nor causes pockets to be torn. It is encased in a black case. The black case is chosen because its color allows the camera to be invisible in an unlit dark room, especially during the night.

Its mini-HD video camera can record crystal-clear 1080x720p video footages at 30 frames-per-second (fps). During daytime, the clarity of the footage is dependent on the ambient lighting conditions. This means that the footage will be clear in well lit areas, while videos recorded in dimly-lit areas will likely lose their clarity. To counter loss of video clarity, the manufacturers have built 5 LED pieces around the video camera. This LED pieces light up the area where the camera is focused on, and the light rays reach a distance of 25 feet. These LED lights do not glow when they are lit, and this allows the camera to be invisible at night, hence improving its stealth as an intruder cannot spot it.

This gadget also features an inbuilt rechargeable Lithium battery. Once fully charged, this battery supports 2.5 hours of daytime recording and 100 minutes of night visual recording. Still, if the owner wants to record for longer, an external power bank can be attached to the device. For instance, when a 10000mAh power bank is attached, the camera can record non-stop for 20 hours.

The camera can be activated either manually or through voice-activation. Manual recording allows the user to record only the subjects of interests and then power off the camera to save power. However, if the camera is fitted inside a room, its voice-activation mechanism ensures that it only starts to record once any motion sound is heard, or when people or animals produce any sound. If there is no noticeable activity in the recorded area, the camera can still remain on standby mode for 5 days.

The recorded footage are stored in a microSD, and the device supports any MicroSD with a capacity of 32GB or less. The loop recording features allows the newest files to overwrite the oldest files. The recorded footages feature a time-date watermark.

Who does this hidden spy cam suit?

Conbrov Mini-Spy body camera is designed to be worn, as well as fitted in concealed locations inside offices or homes. It is therefore suited for parents, office managers, and security personnel who want to keep an eye on the going-ons inside their premises.

How it Works

This surveillance gadget is designed to be a True-Night-Vision video recorded. The 5 LED pieces that surround the camera lens are connected to an activation mechanism in the camera. This activation mechanism can be automatically trigged by sound, including human voice; and sometimes the owner can manually trigger it. Once triggered, the activation mechanism completes the circuit that lights up the 5 LED lights. The lights are then projected to the area of focus, and the camera can then record what is going on in this area.

Price-Benefits Assessment

The Conbrov Mini-Spy Body Camera retails for very reasonable price tag, which compares extremely well with the features and services provided by the camera, as well as the quality materials used to build it.

What Customers Say Bout This Spy Gadget?

Conbrov Mini-Spy Hidden Body Camera has received an outstanding reception in the market. Most value its stealth design and voice-activation mode. Other like it due to its low price and night vision capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Conbrov Mini-Spy Body Camera is a lightweight, high-quality, and high-performance personal surveillance camera that features a stealth design, True-Night-Vision, and automatic voice activation. If you need an easy-to-conceal body camera, you should consider Conbrov Mini-Spy Hidden Body Camera. gives four starts for this useful spy cam which works perfectly also as a hidden body cam and can be used outdoors,indoors, at home or office.

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