How To Use Smartphone As Spy Camera

How to Use

Life’s quite uncertain. And it’s our duty to record every important happenings we experience or come across, and in some cases you might need record even evidence or record something discreetly. But regardless of the situation, it’s always good to stay safe. That’s where discretion comes in handy. However, doing it discretely can be quite tricky, especially if the situation comes suddenly and you don’t have time to get a readl hidden spy cam.

The solution to this is a smartphone that will enable you take discrete photos and / or video footage. But then, how do you do it? Well, what you need is just some bit of preparation. Let’s go straight to it! Let’s take a look how to turn your smartphone into a spy camera.

Switch off shutter sound, flash ad leds

One thing that easily reveals you is is the shutter sound and flash when taking photographs. Therefore, go discrete by disabling them. In this way, no one will ever suspect that they’re being photographed.

Speed matters a lot. And in such a case, you need to have quick access to your camera. Some phones have got settings that let you launch the camera even without unlocking the security PIN. For instance, if you’re an iPhone user, what you need to do is just slide the camera icon up on the lock screen. On the other hand, android users can achieve that by following the instructions that come with the specific handset.

Disguise your real actions

Disguising your handset doesn’t need to be that difficult since there’s lots of ways to achieve that. You can choose to settle for unconventional phone case. Alternatively, you can do some modification to your bag or glasses case to work as a discreet housing for your phone. But such modifications can make operating the device quite tricky. That’s where the small tricks comes handy. For example you can keep your phone visible, and clear its glass, or you can just speak to nobody and take photos / record video at the same time, just use your imagination and a bit of standup acting! It’s not so difficult at all, as long as you can operate your smartphone at the same time. For example it is very easy to give people the illusion that you’re cleaning the screen when in real sense you’re taking pictures.

Positioning the camera

The positioning of your phone can be a dead giveaway if you’re not careful. Normally, one would want that perfect angle to make a great shot. And for that reason, you end up positioning your phone in a way that’s totally different from when you’re reading, texting or browsing.

Try to achieve a posture that makes angling of the shots look more natural. You can choose to squat down and position your phone the landscape way. Watch YouTube to get a great panoramic view of the scene. Plug in the headphones and laugh along, that trick works always! You will get great photos and videos as people are looking for you, but they don’t have idea what you are really doing.

Alternatively, you can choose to do away with the screen or viewfinder when taking snaps. Though tricky at first, it will eventually become more of your second nature with continued practice.

Advanced Spy Camera Techniques Using Smartphone

Mastering all the mentioned techniques isn’t just enough. What you need to do is enhance the capabilities of your smartphone. For instance, you can choose to settle for the Real Spy Camera App. This iPhone app functions to create a fake background while filming. With it, those behind you won’t have any clue of what you’re up to. But then, you need to master your eye-free technique to get it right. Android users could search Google Play for Spy Camera App.

What To Do When Your Smartphone Doesn’t Give The Required Standard

Most of the time, your smartphone may lack the capability of meeting your expectations, especially when you need evidence that’s more robust and reliable. In such a case, you need to invest in a real hidden spy camera. Just make sure it’s a discreet or body-worn camera to avoid detection.

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