How To Use Smartphone As Audio Recorder

How to Use

A perfect audio surveillance device needs to be discreet, and fast to activate and easy to use. This kind of a device that can be used in any given scenario without attracting attention. However, discreet recording is not the only thing you need to consider in an audio surveillance device. Speed does matter a lot, i.e. how fast your recorder is ready. But then, how do you achieve it?

How to use smartphone as discreet mic & recorder

If you encounter a sudden situation, and you don’t have time to get proper spy device,  what you need is an ad-hoc device – a device that can be used, and communicate discretely. This is where your smartphone comes handy. You can use your smartphone as audio recorder in “emergency” situations.

Apple iPhone devices support a Voice Recorder app that can be quite useful when you’ve got some couple of seconds to do your recording. But what happens when you don’t have the time to do run even that? You know, finding app and running it takes time, and its hard to do discreetly.

There’s a perfect alternative to help you in such a tricky situation – Top Secret Audio Recorder. This is an app that lets you configure shortcuts on the home screen to save time. And once launched, it can be locked without affecting the capture process and the quality. Top Secret Audio Recorder provides the convenience of a sound-activated setting that comes in handy when you want to record in absentia. Android users have lots of options to explore with regard to recording apps. Just tap on a shortcut or sound activated recorder and you’re good to go.

How To Get The Best Audio

Sound quality doesn’t need to be an issue as long as you’ve got the microphone pointing towards the target source. Most apps are equipped with noise reduction or filtering technology to ensure you get the best audio quality. Furthermore, some provide the convenience of an equalizer that lets you set the sound at the right frequency, and mute interference.

Being Discreet

You need to exercise lots of discretion when transforming your smartphone into a secret audio recorder. Sometimes, what you need is just plop your device either in front or by your side. Just ensure that nobody detects it. Alternatively, you can choose to make your device totally invisible by settling for remote audio recording. This option comes in handy when you want to eliminate any suspicion.

Another way is to just slip your device in the top pocket making sure that the microphone end points up. In such a position, nobody will have any clue of what you’re up to. Evidential audio surveillance will require a different approach. In this, you need to keep your voice down so that the other person can be heard clearly. Disguise your device while recording to help remove any suspicion. Achieve this by holding the device in your palm and use a cup of coffee, bag or sleeve as a disguise. Alternatively, you can choose to go the easy way. Do this by planting the device inside a bag, preferably one that’s got a mesh pocket to eliminate any audio interference.

How To Get The Best Sound Quality

What you need to do is ensure quality of the sound. Achieve this through correct microphone positioning and cancellation of background noise when possible.

Doing this will help enhance your audio quality by keeping environmental sounds under control. Sometimes you may need a backup for your audio recording. In such a case, use an app that lets you email the recording in MP3 format.

In this format, you can enhance the audio quality using a free software, such as Audacity. Use the integrated equalizer to minimize hiss and keep the frequency at the correct level. Take your time to play with the settings until you get the quality you’re looking for.

The next step will be to trim any unwanted audio. Achieve this using the scissor tool and save when its done. Even though good for your budget, the use of a free software isn’t recommended due to the risk of unexpected crashes.

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