How To Use A Hidden Spy Camera

How to Use

Hidden spy cameras can be proved to be very useful if they are used properly. Many people use this camera to keep a close watch on the people and monitor them. For example, it is very useful for the parents to keep a watch on the nanny. With the help of the hidden camera you will know how the nanny treats your baby. Even the business owners can use this camera to monitor the people and keep close tabs on your inventory too, especially when you are not at office. This hidden spy camera ensures better safety and security.

However you need to know the right way to use this camera otherwise you may end up violating the privacy laws. So, if you know the correct way to use the camera you can use it as a strong weapon against lies, deceit and theft.

Never Use It In Forbidden Areas

Taking photos or recording videos secretly is strictly prohibited in certain areas and situations by federal and/or local laws or property owner. Be sure to know these limitations before installing or using spy cams.

When you are using a hidden camera you have to well aware of the situations where you cannot use a hidden camera. You can never place a hidden camera in the washroom or bathroom. This is strictly prohibited as this invades the privacy of the people. Even if it is at your own house or commercial place, you cannot do this at all. You have to be very mindful while using this camera as people’s right and privacy is a huge concern here. There are some proper ways and reasons on how you can use this hidden camera to spy. Please note that we at are NOT giving any legal advice how to use spy cameras. Please consult your legal advisor before buying or using such devices.

Secret Home Installation

Cameras can be extremely small and could be installed even in the smallest holes such as screw holes.

Hidden spy camera is a great tool for covet surveillance for self-protection. For instance: if you suspect or doubt that your children’s nanny is abusing and mistreating the kids, then you can install the hidden camera. This is a logical and reasonable use. If you have any kind of hunch or suspicion for anything not right in your house you can install this camera anywhere in the public area of your house. This can be kitchen, child’s nursery, living room, stairways etc. The main secret of installing a hidden spy camera is to place it in such a place that won’t attract anyone’s attention. At the same time, you have to make sure the view is not obstructed by anything. Otherwise the camera will not be able to capture.

Camera Installation at Office

If you are using the hidden spy camera at your business area or office, you have to be extra conscious as these areas are used by many people. May be there is some sneaky co-workers who is always passing off your hard work saying it is their own. In order to catch them or accuse them, you need a strong evidence for that. For getting proper proof against the suspect you have to install the hidden camera very carefully as book or a pen etc. on your office table. Make sure the angle is perfect in order to capture the suspects face and activities as well. This can be an excellent tool to collect evidences against any suspects without hiring expensive private detectives.

Portable Surveillance

Spy camera pen is easy to carry, and use for secret video recording.

There are some special techniques and tactics for portable surveillance. You have to be very aware that no one knows that you are carrying a hidden camera. There are some portable hidden cameras like color sunglasses camera which can act as spy camera. You can take this camera along with you and follow someone. This can be for capturing someone secretly. Even there are body worn cameras. If you are suspecting your spouse for some strange behavior then you can use this portable camera to know where he/she is going and whom he/she is meeting. This can secretly record everything when they are in public.


Undoubtedly, hidden cameras are great weapons to know what is going on when you are away, You can use spy cameras in order to be safe and also to know more about any illegal activities that are going on at your home or office. If you are suspecting anyone for anything that is harming you, then it might be a good idea to install this camera in some public places in your house or office. It will record everything, and it is easy to retrieve evidence. It will be highly beneficial for you to provide any proof or evidence to the police or even in court. But before you install and record anything with your hidden camera, make sure you read the local laws very carefully. Follow and abide by those laws thoroughly. Otherwise it can land you in a huge trouble.

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