How to Find Spy Devices and Hidden Cameras

Counter Surveillance

Spy devices such as hidden cameras are extremely popular nowadays. And there is a high chance, that someone has installed spying bug in your home or office. It cloud happen for anyone, of course changes getting bugged are higher if you are famous person, or you have something valuable in your house, or if you are in politics, but also amazing number of ordinary people find these devices. For example it is quite common practice that people living together are watching each other, or their children. Sometimes landlords have installed hidden cams or previous owner of apartment or even previous tenant might leave their spying equipment intact. Keep on mind, that those could be wired bugs that are still transmitting video and/or audio signals.

The risk being spied is real, we at put together an easy to follow basic list for countermeasures you can take. You should look out for some warning signs like.

  • Someone broke into your house or office but didn’t steal anything. There is a high chance that he has installed a hidden camera.
  • Some of your confidential information has been leaked online. It means that someone has access to your information, which you are unaware about.
  • Some strange real estate service or home appliance service / inspector have visited your place recently without any real reason. They might have just asked to check your heating / air conditioning etc., and installed at the same time spying device.

Basic steps to take to find hidden spy devices

Most spying devices are very easy and fast to install, especially wireless models. However, fortunately there are several quite easy ways to find hidden devices. Here’s how to find spy devices and hidden cameras in your home or office.

Visual search

The first and the most obvious step is to check your entire house or office carefully. Spy cameras can be hidden literally anywhere. Hence, make sure to be very attentive and search every hook and corner. Check clocks, smoke detectors, light switches, light bulbs etc.

Wired spy camera hidden in a light switch.

First, try to find things, which seems to be a bit out of place. If you find that the painting in your wall is not hung properly or the flowerpots doesn’t look normal, then check them very closely. Bugs can also be hidden in smoke detectors, hooks, books, computer mouses etc. Also, look for wires, which doesn’t lead to anywhere, and wires that seems to be new, those could be antennas of wireless bugs. Wired models are also very common. Be sure to check electrical outlets also, those are the most obvious places for wired devices.

Spy camera hidden in a light bulb

Examine all the door locks: Door locks are one of the most common places, where you might find a hidden camera. Hence, check all the door locks. If you find any of them to be too stiff or loose, then examine it properly.

Listen while doing visual search

While doing visual search, listen also carefully. If you have extremely sharp ears, then you might find bug without detectors. Some of the hidden cameras are generally equipped with motion sensors, and micro motors. They work only when they detect a motion and at that moment while motor is working, you might be able to hear a clicking sound. However, you won’t be able to hear it in a very noisy room. Hence, first switch off all the fans, air conditioning and other noise generators. After that, go through your entire space, and listen carefully!

Buy a bug detector

Professional RF Bug Detector for finding wireless spy devices.

It will be wise to invest in a bug detector device. The main function of these devices is to help you detect spying devices such as hidden cameras and microphones. It picks up the electromagnetic signal of the spying devices, in order to detect them. It is also very easy to use. All you have to do is walk around your house or office with this device. Whenever, you are near a spying device, it will start beeping. However, before you use, make sure that you turn off the other electronic gadgets. Most of these devices works on FM frequencies.

Use a Flashlight to find lens reflections

A flashlight may also be able to help you. Switch off all the lights and then walk around with a flashlight through rooms. All cameras have lens which reflects light. Hence, if you manage to see a reflection anywhere, then search that area thoroughly. However, some bug detectors use laser to scan lens reflections, so if you decide to buy bug detector, it might be equipped with laser scanner.

Use your mobile phone

Your phone can also help you to detect spying devices. All you have to do is make a call on your phone. After that, scan walls keeping your phone near by, and wave your phone around any suspecting item while line is open. Put hands free on, so it is easy to hear any sounds. If phone makes for example a clicking noise, then it means that the phone is interfering with the electromagnetic field, and there might be spy device nearby.

Spy detector phone apps

There are also several phone apps which are capable of detecting hidden devices, or at least they say so. We at are at bit sceptical about these apps. Usually they take the help of your phone’s flashlight to pick reflections, which means your flashlight might be more effective way to locate lenses. Phone apps are no way as effective as bug detectors.

Beware of bugged cell phones

Sometimes the bug is nearer than you think. Your phone can also be bugged! Look out for some warning signs like the following.

During a conversation, if your phone makes some weird noises, then there are high chances, that someone is messing with it. Generally, when someone has tapped your line, there is weird hissing noise. While hanging up as well, there may be some noises.

Your phone may also be making weird noises, even if it is not in use. It basically means that someone is using your phone as a microphone and is listening to all the conversations. Be sure to read also How to tell if Your Cell Phone is Being Tracked, Tapped or Monitored article.

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