Essential Spy Gear for Every “Home Detective”


Everyone has some investigative needs even sometimes for just the peace of mind. It is sometimes better to do your own investigation than hire professionals. DIY detective work is one of the best ways to save your sleep, money and even some relationships. Here we go through the most popular equipment you can use for investigating.

Bug Detectors

This gadget is quite essential if you want to scan some room, office or car, and be sure that there are not any spy gear installed. Bug detector scans through frequencies most wireless cameras and microphones use. The personal use of this may vary from protecting yourself and your loved ones from privacy theft and also guarding against the nosy neighbors, or even against business spying. Preventing privacy theft includes scanning the hotel room, hidden cameras in changing room and public bathroom, not to mention your car and workplace.

Hidden Camera

If you are a busy parent and want to monitor the activities of your kids’ nannies, then it is better to have a hidden camera. This will help you to ensure that your children are getting trusted care. But use this cameras only in public areas like kid’s nursery, living room, dining area and kitchen as installing hidden spy cams in private space such as toilet could get in legal troubles – even if it is your own toilet.

Spy Camera

You may not get a written guarantee from the salesmen while you are buying something. But a spy camera like a pen camcorder can help you to record all the conversation that occurs while you are buying a used car or new home. Not to mention that this kind of spy gear can be used to record immediately all kind of situations, attacks, traffic accidents etc.

Internet Privacy Devices

For monitoring the internet privacy, there are some devices. This will help the parents to monitor and protect their kids from browsing inappropriate materials, and help guarding against cyber criminals. One of the most reliable example of such a software is Spy Cobra.

Cell Phone Recording

There are some software which allows you to covertly monitor the activities on your mobile phones. Even with the help of these software programs you can track down the location of your phone. But you can install this only on your own cellphone or if you have permission to monitor other’s phone. Otherwise it will be considered as privacy theft, and cause serious legal troubles.

GPS Tracking

The GPS tracking can help to track down and follow the bad guys. People use this to catch thieves, criminals as well as their kids on their way to school from home or vice versa. It is wise to install GPS-tracker also your car, so in case of theft, it is easy to locate stolen car.

UV Lighting Device

It helps to find out if cash is legal or counterfeit, especially useful when traveling. Some UV lights comes with protein stain detection kits. You can use those kits for example to check if hotel rooms is properly cleaned.

Voice Changers

This tool helps you to change your voice in different ways and call the same person more than once to get some information without being recognized. This can help you in your investigations. With the help of this device a woman can make her voice appear as man’s voice and vice versa.

Listening Devices

There are quite many different kind of listening devices available. Some are made for covert operations such as small wireless hidden microphones, and contact microphones with amplifiers. Parabolic microphones are useful for remote listening.



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