Conbrov WF28 HD Wireless Hidden WiFi Spy Video Camera Review

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  • Easy to use.
  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • WiFi


  • No batteries


Conbrov WF28 is an internet-enabled Spy-camera capable of providing live feeds and offering exceptional 24-hours indoor surveillance.

Conbrov WF28 Spy-camera is a high-quality spy gadget designed to function as reliable camera surveillance system. This easy-to-setup device supports cyclic recording and when properly fitted in the house, is quite inconspicuous and almost impossible for a trespasser or burglar to notice it. Even so, this camera suffers from one main demerit which is listed below alongside its outstanding merits. This is followed by a verdict based on both the merits and demerits. Thereafter, an elaborate Review of Conbrov WF28 HD Wireless Hidden WiFi Spy Video Camera.


  • Easy to use.
  • Provides live feed.
  • WiFi capable.
  • Password-protected internet connections prevents data interception.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Good cost-quality ratio.


  • Lacks an in-built battery.

Overview of Conbrov WF28 Features

Conbrov WF28 is a lightweight well-designed spy camera that is equipped with a passive infrared (PIR) sensor and can capture high-definition (HD) video recordings. This cuboid-shaped gadget is white in color and weighs about 7.2 ounces. Its length measures 5.4 inches, and its width measures 4.3 inches, while its height is approximately 2.9 inches. Its cover is made from high-quality plastic.

The PIR sensor panel is made up of 23 pieces of infrared LED lights. Use of infrared light gives the camera night vision, and the high-quality infrared LED lights ensure that the camera provides exception HD night vision. The PIR sensor can capture visuals from as far away as 24 feet from the camera. This ensures that when the camera is turned onto the night mode, it can cover the entire house. This capability is augmented by the motion detection feature of the gadget.

The motion detection features allows the camera to automatically switch on motion-activated recording, and the view angle of this recording mode is 75 degrees. Motion detected as far away as 24 feet from the spy camera will automatically switch on the recording function. Likewise, at night, motion detection will switch on both the PIR sensor lights and recording functions. This ensures that the owner has 24 hours surveillance coverage of his or her home.

This spy camera supports remote viewing through a wireless connection. This requires the camera to be connected to the home WiFi router. This connection supports live streaming of 720p video recordings. It also incorporates an audio recording feature which allows the camera to capture sounds around the house. Also, it supports loop recording as part of its cyclic recording function. Moreover, the recordings are stored in a memory card, and can be played back via the loop playback feature.

This spy gadget features a number of indicators. To be begin with, there is a memory indicator light which glows red when there is no memory card in the memory slot. Secondly, there is a network status indicator light which flashes green when the gadget is ready to be connected to a WiFi network, and when the device is connected properly to the network, the green flashing gives way to a solid green glow. These indicators notify the owner of instances when the camera cannot work properly.

There is a smartphone app for this gadget. This app is called Mini WiFi Cam and can be downloaded from either Apple appstore or Google play. After download, the installation process is pretty straightforward, and the user then needs to connect the spy camera to the app through WiFi network connection. This connection process is also straight-forward as the camera owner only needs to connect the app to the home WiFi network, and thereafter, the app automatically finds the camera and then establishes a connection. The owner then needs to configure the required settings, including setting a WiFi password so as to ensure than no unauthorized party can access the feeds of the spy camera using internet connection. This connection allows the owner to have a live feed of the recordings being made by the camera.

The camera is compatible with popular computer OS such as Windows XP and Windows 7, 8, and 10 series, as well as Mac OSX family of Apple OS.

This spy-camera also supports settings for an alarm email. This means that the camera can be setup to quietly raise an alarm when suspicious motions are detected, for instance, when the owner is away from home; and then send this alarm signal to the email address of the owner, and the owner is promptly notified of the event and can quickly go back home and arrest the burglar or thief.

This camera does not have an in-built battery and it relies solely on AC power input, and a power cable is provided for this purpose. This means that in case of a black-out, the camera will not function.

Whom this Wifi Spy Cam is it Suitable for?

Conbrov WF28 is built purposely for indoor surveillance, and is thus suitable for parents who need a nanny camera that will allows them to check on their babies, or any homeowner who wants to know what is happening at home when they are away.

How IP-camera it Works

This camera is fitted at a concealed location inside the house, with the owner ensuring that the PIR sensor panel has maximum view of the surrounding room. Then, the power cable is connected to AC supply, and the camera turned on. Thereafter, the spy-camera is setup and given a unique IP address that allows it to be connected to the home WiFi network as well as the phone of the owner. This ensures that live feeds can be viewed via the mobile device no matter the location.

Price-Benefit Assessment

Conbrov WF28 retails for about USD80. This price tag is quite low as compared to the benefits and quality features provided by the gadget, and this shows that its cost-to-quality is very good.

What Customers Say Who Bought This Spy Cam

In the sales page for this spy camera, customers praise the device for its superb night-vision and 24-hours surveillance capabilities. Others praise for being affordable and providing exceptional services. Still, other value its automatic recording features.


Conbrov offers a one-year warranty for its Conbrov WF28 spy-camera as longs as the user adheres to the stipulated terms and conditions.


Conbrov WF28 is an affordable, high-performance internet-enabled Spy-camera capable of streaming secure live feeds, as well as offering exceptional 24-hours indoor surveillance. If you desire a reliable spy camera for indoor surveillance, you should consider buying Conbrov WF28 spy-camera. gives four starts for this excellent security camera system. It is perfect for monitoring home or office or any space 24/7 over internet. This IP camera includes Wifi, and can be used as a hidden video camera, nanny cam or for surveillance. Night Vision and Motion Activated recording works perfectly.

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