Should You Buy In-Car Dashcam?


Due to rampant corruption of police forces and insurance fraud scams many citizens have decided to install dash-mounted cameras in their privately owned cars. The advancements in the production of dash cameras all over the globe have made the technology more user-friendly, accessible, inexpensive and easily mountable. In fact, these in-car dashcams can now be bought for as cheap as $100 -$200. Because of this, the incidence of pedestrians being ran over by cars for possible fraudulent insurance claims is no longer rising in alarming rates.

A recent study of an insurance association made has found the following information:

  • Close to thirteen percent (one in eight men owns an dashcam in his car. Comparatively, 4 percent of women also have one.
  • People over 55 have an in-car dash cam usage rate of 22 percent.
  • A little more than 50 percent of car owners are considering buying one.
  • Twenty four percent of those surveyed subscribe to the belief that installing dash cameras will improve their driving skill, regardless of the effects of the surveillance to their relative safety.
  • Twenty percent of the respondents of the survey said that they have experienced being caught in a situation where it was unclear who was at fault. Almost seven out of ten of these said that a dashcam would have helped resolve situation in their favor.

Knowing all these, it is important to point out situations where a car dashcam would come in handy to prevent the emotional and financial distress usually associated with road accidents.

Chain Reaction Collisions

Being extra careful in driving does not always work in avoiding accidents, especially when other drivers are reckless. This is manifested usually when two or more cars are stationary on the road because of the red light and another car bumps into one of them. This starts a chain reaction literally and figuratively, as another he-said, she-said situation starts. In most cases, the insurance company of the car owner that started it all will only pay the liabilities of the car it first bumped. With a dashcam, the insurance company of the car will have to pay every car involved.

Red vs Green Debate

Red light in the traffic lights often cause confusion among the parties involved. Most of the time, there is a case of a he-said, she-said situation. With a dashcam installed in at least one of the cars, solving who is responsible will be much easier as there is video proof as to which auto bumped the other one.


One of the main reasons why the use of dashcams became popular in recent years is because of scam artists. A few people have made extracting payment from unsuspecting victims their livelihood. With a dashcam installed, whether the collision is deliberate or not will be proven.

So, if you are a careful driver and you are looking into reducing the possibility of yourself and your insurance company paying for your possible accident in the future, a dashcam may be a good equipment to have installed on your car!

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