The Best and Worst Places To Conceal a Spy Camera

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Since the aim is to spy or at least take video or photos unnoticed way, the installation of the cameras requires some effort to hide them. Due to the increased use of all kind of spying devices such as small hidden spy cams, many people can easily detect their location. So, you you are going to use a spy cam for monitoring the subject activities, you need to hide it professionally. Let’s take a look on the best and worst places for a spy camera.

The best places to hide a spy cam

The most suitable locations for a spy camera should conceal the device quite completely, but also offer a clear view. Ceiling components are quite good places to install and hide a camera, ceilings also offer clear view to the room. Obviously you can not just install the camera itself on the ceiling as it is, or you are very much exposing the camera to everyone. However, some of the ceiling components / parts are obvious good places to hide a cam, such as the corners or even screw holes. Also lighting fixtures are an option, since most people will have no concentration on the lighting, so light bulbs and lighting gadgets are good places hiding cameras. Also smoke detectors or even alarm devices, are a non-suspicious location for spy cameras.

Another good places are actually too obvious locations, places that seem too common for cameras. In this case, the intention is to shift attention to other locations. Depending on the nature of the room, common items such as the wall clock, water dispenser and coffee maker present the best option. However, the item of choice should provide a good view of all the activities in the room. In addition, neither of the camera or gadget that hides it should not interfere with each other. All kind of chargers, such as a phone charger, are also good places to hide spy cameras. Nobody would think the spy camera is attached to a phone charger.

Places to avoid when installing hidden camera

Installation of these cameras should focus on reducing attention toward their location. Depending on the items, gadgets and components present in the room, any location that looks abnormal or suitable for a spy device should be avoided.

The worst places for installation are places located at the height of normal human, generally camera should not be placed at eye level, it would be too easy to detect camera if the lens aligns to the eye level of a normal adult. The lens could for example create reflections regardless how small it is. Vertical, exactly perpendicular installations are easily detectable, which calls for an angular placement, to reduce visibility as well as promote the area of coverage. Having the camera at a height nearing the ceiling is the best position.

Too suspicious places to hide a spy camera

Any peculiar arrangement of the room or its components creates attention that there might be a spy camera somewhere. For instance, if the whole wall is dusty and you wipe off the area around the spy camera, it is possible for somebody to be suspicious. Although mirrors offer the best location, it is an obvious idea for many. Generally, anything that seems abnormal in the room creates attention and makes it easy to locate the camera, if you place one in such areas.

Lens Detection

Most spy cameras does not have visible power or recording LED, but if your camera does have one, keep on mind that the LED light is the most obvious when it comes to detection. Ensure the position of the spy camera guarantees total covering of the blinking light, or better buy model that is a real spy cam without any revealing LED lights. In addition to this, reduce the exposure of the lens to lighting, whether natural or artificial, since this would also create attention, for example unnatural reflections. When installing, switch off all lights in the room and use flashlight and look if you will see any lens reflections.

Now you should have quite good idea about the best and worst places to hide a spy camera. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate contact us.


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